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FitnessSocial’s instructors are unique and amazing individuals, chosen by our members and staff for their dedication, ability, and their passion for helping our community reach new heights in fitness and mind-body connection.


Felecia started at FitnessSocial in 2016 while training for her first full marathon. She attended Kristen’s Kettlebell and TRX class for her cross training and has been hooked ever since! She is excited to be a part of the FitnessSocial Team as an instructor as she knows clients are achieving their goals with the best workouts, phenomenal environment, and a staff who support each other and clients.

Felecia is NASM Personal Trainer (PT) 2016 and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)2017, Tabata GX certified 2018. Felecia is a Fresno State Alumni who has been inducted into the Hartnell JC college Hall of Fame in 2016 and Fresno State Hall of Fame for Track and Field in 2005 where she was an All American in the Heptathlon track standout for the Division 1 track. She studied and graduated from Fresno State with a BS in Animal Science.

She has been active in sports since she was 5 years old and fitness has been a passion for her since she can remember. Being an instructor isn’t a “job” for her, it is something that she loves to do! Pushing through fitness challenges has reflected on her everyday life in such a positive way that helping others through their fitness journey has become a real passion for Felecia.

Felecia is originally from Monterey CA and is now residing in Fresno with her husband Michael and son Koda. When she is not at the studio Felecia is working full time as a certified safety manager specialist at a local dairy production company, running miles or spending quality time with her family.


Having played competitive soccer for more than 10 years, she learned the importance of speed and strength. Aleeya took her soccer career all the way to college, however her professional soccer dreams were quickly ruined due to an unfortunate injury. During that time of not being able to play soccer let alone train athletically, Aleeya lost her passion and motivation to do anything sport or exercise related. Aleeya consequently gained nearly 100 pounds within 2-3 years. One day something clicked for Aleeya, her passion was rekindled and she realized that she wasn’t living or being true to herself. Aleeya took that rekindled spark and acted by going to the gym and participating in cross fit training 5 times a week. Aleeya was able to lose the 100 pounds however she felt that her body was missing something that would take her to the next level. Shortly after this awareness Aleeya was introduced to Kettlebells and TRX at FitnessSocial. Aleeya developed a great desire to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Aleeya personally believes the only person who can get you to start your fitness journey and lead you to a healthier lifestyle is yourself. Your mind is extremely powerful and a lot of things come down to mind over matter. Everyone has the ability to be better and deserves to better themselves both mentally and physically. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do something or it’s not possible.


Heidi has been an instructor at FitnessSocial since November 2012. She got hooked on kettlebells and TRX because it helped her get into the best shape of her life. Heidi has been a personal trainer, instructor, and a competitor in the fitness world for 15 plus years. She is KBI certified, TRX certified, and certified as an instructor for HIGH fitness.

Heidi’s philosophy for good health is to have a well-rounded program of strength, cardiovascular, stretch, good nutrition, and rest. She understands clients and their needs from her experience as a trainer, but can also empathize and have compassion for those wanting to lose weight and be healthier as she once was 50 pounds overweight. She believes that fitness should be a fun and integral part of everyday life, and she is committed to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. 


I’ve been a client for over 3 years at FitnessSocial and have always loved the variety of workouts! Between HIIT, Kettlebells, TRX, Barre, Yoga; there is always an amazing line up of classes to choose from. I also love the small class size and the personal touch each instructor brings to the class. No two instructors or workouts are ever the same, which is what I love!

I decided to become a Fitness Instructor because I am passionate about exercise; it’s as essential as breathing, eating, and sleeping. My day is not complete unless I workout, so when I was asked if I was interested in teaching, I immediately said yes! I hope to inspire others to see that exercise should not feel like a chore or a punishment; it can actually be the highlight of your day!


As a knowledgeable and committed fitness professional, Sarah is dedicated to providing high quality training to individuals of all fitness levels. Sarah’s goal is to apply her knowledge, passion and experience to help other better their lives through fitness.

Education: B.S. in Business Management – Brigham Young University of Idaho

Certifications: Certified HKC Trainer, TRX Trainer, CPR/ First AID and in the process of completing Nutritional Consultant certification through Bauman College.


Kristen enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and working out is part of her daily routine. It was difficult for her to find the time to manage her workouts and career in the health industry. Kristen was introduced to Kettlebells through Dina Juve and immediately became hooked on this workout. Kettlebells have given her the solution to balancing her busy career and passion for working out. Kristen was able to achieve better and quicker results in a shorter time through Kettlebells.

Kristen became a certified Kettlebells Instructor with the Kettlebell Institute in the spring of 2012 and now teaches classes at FitnessSocial Studio. She is excited to help others achieve their goals and quick results through Kettlebells and TRX.


When my older daughter was in Kindergarten I met Dina Juve and began training with Kettlebells. I was still holding baby weight from my second child and definitely needed to start moving again for my mental state as well. I immediately fell in love with Kettlebells and began training more and more. When two extraordinary women, Dina Juve and Melissa Oberti, opened FitnessSocial I continued to train with Dina for another year or so. I decided to take a TRX certification in March of 2013, started teaching classes at FitnessSocial in October of 2013 and continued to learn and grow with a Movement Code Certification with Dr. Kenneth Jay in November 2013. It was a Fast Force First Certification also with Dr. Kenneth Jay in October 2014, a super fun Pound Certification in November of 2017, a Steel Mace Flow Level 1 Certification with Leo Savage in October 2018 and a Mace Training Certification with Rik Brown also in October of 2018. Every class I take and every class I teach is a celebration of that decision to start taking dance classes in my earlier years. Now in my 19th year of teaching and with the transition at FitnessSocial I have the pleasure to work with two more amazing women, Tasha and Ali Gray. I’m so grateful for my journey with so many amazing people. Never Stop Moving.


Amanda has taught at FitnessSocial for three years and has been teaching group fitness for 25 years!  She has been teaching yoga for about 16 years and this year will finish training to be recognized as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 500-hour level. She has also completed TRX certifications and kettlebell training as well as various other certifications and training. Amanda’s favorite workout is a body weight/TRX class followed by a yoga session! Nothing better to cover it all, and feel and look amazing!

Amanda holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). When not at FitnessSocial, she owns and directs Swan Consulting Inc, an organization that provides behavior therapy for children with Autism. She also is the mother of two wonderful kids!


Hey all, my name is Karina Cooke. I grew up dancing from the time I could walk and have always been a lover of music and movement. From 2011-2014, I coached the spirit squad at OLPH and then, from 2016-2017, went onto coaching the super squad at SJMHS. In 2016, I was in the biggest standstill of my life as I had experienced the loss of my father and any loss for the first time. After receiving help from my family, friends, and professionals, I was able to set this one reminder that I’ve completely instilled into my everyday life: It’s not always necessary to be strong, but to FEEL strong. I began gravitating towards the things that made my FEEL alive again.

In 2017, I moved onto becoming a dancer with Revive Dance Company where I was excited to perform on stage for the first time in a few years and been dancing with this group ever since. I FELT amazing. I had always told my dad I’d run a marathon too, so I ran my first marathon by the end of that year. It was after that experience I developed the aspiration for inspiring others to set and reach their health and fitness goals. My philosophy on health and fitness can be described with two words word: balance and diversity. I enjoy running, cycling, swimming, hiking, yoga, climbing… anything and everything!

I was introduced to Kettlebells & TRX in 2017 after meeting Dina through my brand ambassadorship with Carbon38. I fell in love with the variety of exercise both Kettlebells & TRX have to offer: cardio, strength, and stretches — truly all the essentials. I love showing others how to make our bodies our own machine and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to coach others in reaching their goals!




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