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Kettlebells, TRX  & More!

Group classes,  private training, nutrition coaching , and semi-private group classes!

Massage therapy and esthetician services available.






Our Core values


A nonjudgemental environment!

What this means:

1. Come as you are

2. This is a safe place

3. Supportive accountability

What this does not mean:

1. No expecations

2. Not treating others unfairly


Be comfortable with being uncomfortable!

What this means:

1. Don’t wait until you are ready

2. Faith over fear

3. Growth comes from pushing yourself

What this does not mean:

1. Staying complacent

2. Stuck in a state of worry or not giving it your all

3. Avoidance based on fear or discomfort


Express empathy!

What this means:

1. Ask questions and LISTEN to understand

2. Create trust

3. Support and challeng with care

What this does not mean:

1. Disbelief or doubt

2. Making upfront judgements

what the clients are saying!

Client Testimonials

As a busy working mom of two, I have often joked that I still need to lose the “baby weight” and one day I would wear my normal clothes again. The painful truth of the matter is my baby really isn’t much of a baby anymore and my normal clothes that I have been meticulously keeping in my closet are probably out of style. So I decided to make a lifestyle change and I made the leap and signed up. I have lost over 20 lbs since I started.

What makes FitnessSocial different? Where do I begin with this question? First of all, it’s a personalized, professional fitness studio – NOT a stinky gym. Then there’s the class variety, class sizes, and equipment. You receive individualized attention by all instructors in or out of class. Instructors are continually changing class content so your never bored with same routine. The owners are always listening when instructors or clients suggest a new class.
Linda S.

When I started at FitnessSocial I weighed 146 and now I’m at 123 lbs. I have muscles I never thought I would see again. I feel so much happier and enjoy the journey of being the best I can be. I would advise anyone to try FitnessSocial as the atmosphere is just fabulous; we support one another and everyone is accepted. It is my happy place and I always feel so much better if I get my workout in.¬† I am very grateful that Dina and Melissa established this business in Fresno and are always great supporters of their clients.