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FitnessSocial is the premiere kettlebell and TRX® studio offering a variety of fitness classes. We offer group classes, customized nutrition coaching, private training, and semi-private group classes. Massage therapy and esthetician services available!

Located in Fresno, FitnessSocial offers group classes, small private group classes, private training, customized nutrition coaching, fitness challenges, boot camp, massage therapy and esthetician services, and additional services that promote a healthy lifestyle. Each client is treated as an individual, not as a “one size fits all” approach.

FitnessSocial is owned and operated by Tasha Gray and Ali Jensen, a mother and daughter team who have a passion for keeping the FitnessSocial family well and fit. Our primary emphasis is to help you live a fit and healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. We combine a passion for health and fitness and bring it all together in a fun and motivating environment to workout in. We encourage everyone to come visit our FitnessSocial studio and have fun while training with the top instructors.

“At FitnessSocial long lasting friendships and real results are formed together.”

FitnessSocial was founded by Dina Juve and Melissa Oberti, who created a culture and community of individuals with like-minded health and wellness goals. In 2019, Dina and Melissa’s journey took them elsewhere and Tasha and Ali felt called to take ownership of the studio. They believe in this studio, in the effectiveness of a kettlebell workout and the members who have become family. When they heard that the studio was closing, they felt called to act. Ali formerly ran the front desk under Dina and Melissa and Tasha was a committed client and longtime supporter of the studio since the original opening.

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Real People. Real Results.

FitnessSocial is a boutique studio and offers all the essential training needs of any fitness level with certified and trained instructors who truly care about their participants and their journey.

Read more about our instructors and each of their unique fitness journeys.

Everyone is welcome at FitnessSocial! Call us today to try out a free first class.

Jenna has lost 40 pounds and over 46 inches since October 2015!

“I’ve reached goals that I once thought were unattainable by being disciplined and not making excuses. I often hear people say they “just can’t lose any weight” and I’ve learned that anyone is capable of anything; particularly nutrition and fitness goals. As long as they put their mind to it and commit to a healthy lifestyle. FitnessSocial has changed my life!”


“I love the people and the energy! I feel encouraged on a personal level and the instructor’s good vibes are contagious! Everyone is genuinely nice and it’s refreshing!”


I tried different gyms but after just one class at FitnessSocial I knew this is the place for me. I pushed myself to come 7 days a week in the beginning. I not only experienced weight loss but also an increase in energy and I started to feel better mentally. I committed myself to the workouts and felt great in the room with all the wonderful instructors, all the women that want to take better care of themselves with no judgment but support and kindness”

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