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Barre is best described as a fusion of ballet,  pilates and yoga. Barre uses a series of targeted, repetitive, low-impact movements that quickly burns fat and sculpts muscles. Barre fitness is suited for any fitness level, allowing any age and people with any range of movement to enjoy barre.

Barre is very low impact which makes it ideal for those who are either reintroducing themselves to fitness after surgery, injury or taking time off. The long and lean physique of dancers is created by these soft and concentrated movements that will tone and sculpt your muscles.

Micro-movements made during barre will help burn fat and create that tone by hyper-focusing on each muscle section individually. Additionally proper posture and stretching  are integral parts of barre that leave participants feeling taller, less sore, more flexible and less susceptible to injury.

FitnessSocial welcomes all fitness levels and this class is a perfect way to start out on your fitness journey or push yourself to the next level, in barre you choose your intensity level and make it all your own. No matter where you are along your fitness journey, barre will give you the workout you were looking for with many added benefits.

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Flexibility & Tone

  • Increased flexibility
  • Long toned muscle


  • Increased cardiovascular strength
  • Increased metabolism


  • Improved posture
  • Rehabilitative elements post-injury or surgery
  • Core strength improvemet


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