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High Intensity
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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fitness trend that has pushed many people beyond their current fitness level or what they thought possible, combining rest and fast-paced total-body movements in intervals to create a spike in heart rate. Coupling HIIT with Pilates creates a smooth evenness to the HIIT workout that seeks to achieve lengthened and lean muscle  development.

Pilates, fundamentally, teaches a participant exactly where their body is in space  and therefore how to improve your technique. Pilates will teach you to correctly contract muscles to focus on their development in a kinesthetically correct way, and when combined with HIIT, global muscles that would normally take over are now being complemented by the focus on smaller supporting muscles as well.

At FitnessSocial we couple our movements with kettlebells to offer core instability that will allow for further development of supporting muscles. If you have never taken a kettlebell class or pilates before our trained and certified instructors can help you on your way to feeling confident and strong wherever you are on your fitness journey.

fat Burn

  • 15 minutes of HIIT burns more calories than running on a treadmill for an hour
  • Lean muscles with increased capillary ability to send oxygen and hormones to all muscle tissue
  • Boost metabolism and burn calories after workout is complete


  • Increased core stability and total body awareness
  • Foundational muscle development to help prevent injury


  • Musculoskeletal support to help prevent osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular improvement by strengthening the heart and lungs


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